About Us


Hi! I'm Virginia, the founder of Marigold Marketplace. I have long had a love of traditional handmade textiles and clothing. I have spent much of my life traveling internationally and have lived for a time in both Mexico and India.  I have always had a passion for embroidery and Mexican embroidery in particular and have had the good fortune to connect with some of the amazing artisans there which has led to a mutually beneficial collaboration. All of my products are ethically sourced and I am committed to  supporting local artists and sharing their beautiful artwork with others.

Most recently during my travels in India I was able to spend time in Rajasthan exploring the fascinating world of handmade wood block print design and fabric production. I have had the privilege to meet some of the most highly skilled block print manufactures in the industry, most of whom are small family run outfits dedicated to the preservation of old world traditional Indian arts. Their beautiful work is impeccable down to every detail in this intricate process. Whether the carving of wood blocks, the delicate balance in pigment mixing, the precision in overlay when hand stamping the fabric, or the stitching of the garments themselves, the care and integrity that goes into the creation of each piece is undeniable.

My goal is to provide timeless, original products that bring joy and delight to my customers while simultaneously supporting a market for these exquisite traditional crafts and their makers.